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Ghani Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering and Technology

  A Centrally Funded Technical Institute(CFTI) under Ministry of Human Resource Development
 Govt of India

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Notice for submitting bank account details for refunding seat acceptance fees    
Notice regarding Rising Studentpreneur 2019    
Notice Regarding Online Registration of 1st Year B.Tech Students under MAKUT admitted in the Session of 2019-20    
Notice for Online Registration (Diploma 2019-20)    
Revised routine for Diploma and B.Tech Odd Sem    
Revised Routine B.TECH 1st Semester    
Notice for Routine Diploma & B.Tech Odd Sem 2019-20    
Notice for MAKAUT Holiday 2019    
Notice for caution money    
Notice for Holiday List ( Diploma Student)    
Routine for Degree and Diploma Courses    
Corrigendum Notice for 3 Week Induction Program    
Notice for 3 Week Induction Program for B. Tech & Orientation for Diploma Freshers    
Notice for Starting of 1st Year 1st Semester Diploma and B.Tech Classes    
Notice regarding transfer of Diploma Students    
Notice for Registration & class commencement for B.Tech 2nd Year 3rd Sem    
Notice for registration of 3 years Diploma courses    
Notice for grade card distribution 1st year 1st sem    
Notice for Supplementary Registration of 3rd Level of Modular Programme (Session 2015-17)    
Notice regarding distribution of Registration Certificate to B.Tech students    
Notice for Summar Vacation Diploam 3 years    
Notice for Supplementary Exam(Diploma Modular Pattern)    
Supplementary Notice for 3rd Semester of 3rd Level of Modular Programme in EE_FPT_ME (Session 2015-2017)    
Notice for refund of caution money for Modular programme 3rd Level    
Notice for caution money    
Notice for Registration of 3rd level, Modular Programme    
Notice for assessment schedule for Non-Formal section    
Notice for the students of EE,FPT,ME of 3rd level of modular programme    
Notice regarding class commencement for B.Tech Student    
Notice regarding commencement of Classes on 11-01-2019 for Diploma Student    
Corrigendum regarding commencement of Class    
Corrigendum notice for Registration of 2nd year 4th semester GKCIET, Diploma of the session 2017-19    
Registration Notice for 2nd Sem student of 3-Year Diploma    
Registration Notice for 2nd Year 4th Sem Diploma (GKCIET Modular Program)    
Routine B. Tech 2018-19 2nd Sem    
Routine 3-Year Diploma 2nd Sem    
Registration for 1st year 2nd semester B.Tech students under MAKAUT    
Registration for 1st year 2nd semester B.Tech students under MAKAUT    
Notice regarding Smart India Hackathon    
Notice regarding refund for B.Tech Programs     Download Refund Form
Notice regarding refund for Diploma Programs     Download Refund Form
Notice for Scholarship 2018    
Notice Regarding commencement of PMKVY-TI classes    
Notice for Online Registration    
Notice on commencement of classes    
Notice regarding online registration for Diploma student    
Notification for Online Registration(Diploma)-2018-19    
Academic Calendar of MAKAUT 2018    
Routine for B.Tech 2018    
Notice for Mid-term exam Aug-2018    
Circular for Mid-Term August 2018    
Notification for Anti ragging    
Disciplinary Rules for students    
Curriculum & Syllabus of B. Tech Programs issued by MAKAUT, Kolkata    
Date of Registration for Supplemetary Examination (2016-17 Diploma Batch)    
Certificate From State Council    
Answers to the Queries Raised by Students    
Date of Commencement of Diploma First Year Classes    
Routine for Diploma 2018-19    
Date of Commencement of B.Tech First Year Classes     Student profile creation form
Notice regarding student portal     Student profile creation form
Registration notice for Diploma 2nd Year, 4th Sem ( CE,CST,EE,FPT,ME)     Corrigendum notice regarding registration issued on 30.05.2018
Notice regarding registration for Diploma_1st Year_2nd sem_2017-18    
Notice regarding registration for 3rd Sem Diploma (CST)_ChE & STE    
Notice regarding student registration March-2018    
Notice regarding Admission / Registration for Certificate student (Those cleared supplementary examinations)    
Notice regarding Certificate and Mark sheet correction    
Class Routine for Diploma(CSE)    
Registration for Diploma(3rd Semester)    
Routine_Dip_CSE_2nd Sem_1st Yr (Following 4th Sem 2nd Yr_WBSCT&VE&SD)    
Routine_Dip_CSE_1st Sem_1st Yr (Following 3rd Sem 2nd Yr_WBSCT&VE&SD)    
ROUTINE_1ST YR_DIP_FT_2017-18    
Academic calendar for All diploma 1nd Sem 1st year 2017-20178    
Academic calendar for diploma CSE(CHE & STT) 2nd Sem 1st year 2016-2017    
Registration notice for diploma Student    
Corrigendum for notice memo no GKCIET/442    
Notice for Registration of Diploma courses(CSE)    
Notice for admission of Diploma courses    
Notice for Registration of Diploma courses    
Notice for Registration of Diploma courses,2nd Sem    
Academic Calender for 1st sem 1st year Diploma CSE    
Academic Calender for 2nd sem 1st year Diploma    
Notice for Registration (2nd Sem)    
Class Start Notification    
Class Routin Details      
Admission Notification (Corrigendum) 26/09/2017  
Admission Notification  25/09/2017  
Registration 2nd and 4th Semester(Cirtificate & Diploma)  26/07/2017  

Registration 2nd and 4th Semester(Cirtificate & Diploma) 26/07/2017  

End Term Theory Exam. Schedule      
Notification for Form Fill-up      
Notice for Supplementary Exmination      

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