Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Computers and computing are an integral part of our lives today. Computing is revolutionizing the process of research, development, and discovery in all fields of engineering and science. The societal impact of computing continues to increase as computers become more broadly accessible. Meanwhile, the foundations of computing also continue to change at a dizzying pace. New technologies, such as many core processors, mobile computing, and cloud computing are reshaping the landscape of computing, and new challenges are emerging as computer science becomes increasingly multidisciplinary. Leading-edge skills in Computer Science are in demand by employers across a wide range of industries. A strong Computer Science department is essential to GKCIET, malda to be a world-class research and skill university that prepares students to contribute to the advancement of society.

The Department of Computer Science is continuing this legacy by advancing the frontiers of computing.  We have a three-fold mission: to create knowledge, to disseminate knowledge, and to provide service to our communities—the local community and the broader community beyond the campus. We serve as a centre of expertise in computing technologies for our university, our research collaborators, and our industry partners.

On the research front, our faculty, staff, and students are exploring innovative ideas in areas that range from parallel computing through text and data analytics, from ways to program computers through ways to build them, and from fundamental principles of logic and discrete mathematics through the application of those principles to gaming, voting, and driving robots.

On the educational front, we place top-flight researchers and faculty in the classroom with our certificate, diploma, undergraduates and graduate students.

GKCIET, malda Computer Science department is a lively and invigorating place. We hope that this web site provides you with information on a broad range of topics, including our events calendar, the certificate program, diploma program, undergraduate program, and the graduate program.  If you are a prospective certificate, diploma, undergraduate or graduate student in computer science, we encourage you to visit the GKCIET, malda campus and interact with memb rs of our CS community to learn more about who we are.



Head of the Department

Asst. Prof. Tauseef Khan(C.S.E)

Tauseef Khan



Certificate Computer Applications 2 Years 30


Name Designation Division Phone Email
Mobile Residential Office
Asst. Prof. Subrata Roy Subrata Roy Assistant Professor Formal Education

Tryambak Kr_optTryambak Kr. Ojha Lecturer Formal Education

Asst. Prof. Tauseef Khan(C.S.E) Tauseef Khan Assistant Professor Formal Education


CSE - DEBADRITA ROY2Debadrita Roy Trainer Non-Formal Education

MD. MAHEFIZUR RAHAMAN Mahafijur Rahaman Trainer Non-Formal Education

CSE - SIRAJ UD DOULAHSiraj-Ud-Doula Trainer Non-Formal Education