Department of Sericulture & Textile Technology

Sericulture is an agro based industry and plays a vital role in the economy of Malda district comprising 60% of national share and 75% of state share in raw silk production. More than 19,000 acres of land is under mulberry cultivation and more than 60,000 families are directly and indirectly earning their living from sericulture. Sericulture is the cultivation of silk through rearing of silkworm. It involves the raising of food plants for silkworm, rearing of silkworm for production of cocoons, reeling and spinning of cocoon for production of yarn etc. Basically Textile Engineering course deals with topics covering textile harvesting that is production, textile processing using scientific and engineering principles and theories etc. A textile engineer will have to work with fibers, fabrics and a few other textile materials and account for improving the current textile products as well as create new innovative ones.

GKCIET has taken a promising step to open a department of Sericulture & Textile Technology as Malda district is a pioneer of mulberry cultivation. In the rural area of Malda, people are cultivating mulberry and earning their daily. GKCIET has taken an initiative to open up a branch combining sericulture and textile so that with the help of technology the production of silk yarn can be increased and motivate people to make fabric also. In this era, it is required to go forward with modern technology so that silk of Malda can compete with the others state and country. In the subject of sericulture, one can learn about the cultivation of primary food plant of silkworm and their rearing whereas in textile technology, one can learn about yarn manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, chemical processing etc. But, in the department of Sericulture & Textile Technology, one will be able to learn both the subjects and able to produce good quality fabric availing modern technology.

The goal of GKCIET is to ensure the students of Sericulture & Textile Technology to a bright career and to open up opportunities to start a Textile based business on their own.



Head of the Department

Minal Sen

Mr. Mrinal Kanti Sen



Certificate Sericulture & Textile Technology 2 Years 30


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Minal Sen Mr. Mrinal Kanti Sen Assistant Professor(Contractual) Formal education 09748207461