Electrical Engineering

Control System Laboratory

About the Laboratory

The Control Systems Lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering contains a variety of laboratory equipment used in the design and experimentation of digital and analog electro-mechanical feedback control systems. The equipment in this lab is mainly used in lab projects of Process Control and Interface Design and Electromechanical Control Systems courses.
The feedback automatic control systems are an essential feature of numerous industrial processes, scientific instruments and even commercial, social and management situations. A thorough understanding of the elementary principles of this all-embracing technology is of great relevance for all engineers and scientists. This laboratory course gives hands-on experience to the feedback automatic control concepts covered in the theory course. The topics studied in this lab include principles of digital and analog data acquisition, electro-mechanical interfacing, control systems with embedded microcontrollers and programmable logic controllers, digital communication and networking, feedback control systems, and state variable models, higher-order system response, transient response, and stability analysis.

No of Equipments:2

1. Matlab Software- Multi-User

2. Desktop Computer- 30 PC

Laboratory In-Charge

# Name
1 Dr. Sandip Chanda & Mr. Rajeev Kumar

Laboratory Assistant

# Name
1 Mr. Sankar Mukherjee