Electrical Engineering

Power System Laboratory

About the Laboratory

The Power Systems Laboratory (PSL) is well-equipped with several experimental setups and several software packages for real-time experiments and simulation. PSL is well equipped with various hardware set ups for like - Oil Testing Kit 60 kV, Digital Cable Locator And Combines with Cable Fault Locator, Generalized Constant A B C D of a long Transmit line, Determination of break down the strength of solid instrument material, Test on over current relay, Directional over current relay, Over current time relay (numerical microprocessor-based), Insulation tester (megger) 500V, Insulation Tester (Motor Cum hand Operated). Along with these, different accessories and computers are available in PSL so that several groups of students can work simultaneously in the Laboratory. 

PSL also has “software and Simulation facilities” with ETAP, MATLAB and Virtual Simulation (in collaboration with IIT-KGP) facilities where one can not only perform modelling and simulations but also carry out advanced research. 

No of Equipments:10

Oil Testing Kit 60 kV

Digital Cable Locator And Combines with Cable Fault Locator  

Generalized Constant A B C D of a long Transmit line Determination of break-down strength of solid instrument material

Test on over current relay

Directional over current relay

Over-current time relay (numerical microprocessor-based)

Insulation tester (megger)500v

Insulation Tester(Motor Cum hand Operated)

Trainer kit for study sodium Vapour lamp

DC Voltage source  

Mercury Vapour lamp

Compact fluorescent lamp

CRO (os-30) & (os-20)

E-TAP Software 


Laboratory In-Charge

# Name
1 Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay & Dr. Tapash Kumar Das

Laboratory Assistant

# Name
1 Md Mehbub Alam