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The electrical machines lab is an integral part of the Electrical Engineering Department. Electrical machines can change electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice versa in a good control manner; therefore, it plays an important in the range from industry uses to household appliances used in day-to-day life. The various real-world applications like electrical power generation, change of voltage level, Electric traction, home appliances, and operation & control of various apparatus and instruments where electrical machines are extensively used. The integration of Power electronics, microprocessors, and modern control system principles along with the electrical machine create a building block of various applications and research scope. 
This lab is equipped with a display model for different parts of the electrical machine; the Experimental setup of both AC and DC machines, as per the syllabus, maintains all safety and protection, transformers, speed sensors, current sensors, and computers with MATLAB software and various measuring tools and equipment.
This lab offers an outcome-based teaching-learning environment for students and researchers. This Electrical machine lab facilitated students to transform classroom theoretical knowledge into a hands-on practical experience with the cooperation of experts faculties and Technical assistants. 

No of Equipments:12

Speed control of DC Motor.

Study of characteristics of DC compound Motor & Generator.

Study of equivalent circuits of a 3-phase squirrel cage induction motor.

Study of the performance of wound rotor induction motor under load.

Determination of equivalent circuits parameter of a single-phase induction motor.

Load test of single phase induction motor & deriving its performance characteristics.

ZPF test & Potier reactance determination of Synchronous Alternator.

Open circuit & Short circuit test of single-phase transformer.

Polarity test of single-phase transformer.

DOL & Autotransformer starter for 3-phase induction motor starting. 

Motor for pole calculation.

Laboratory In-Charge

# Name
1 Dr. Raja Ram Kumar & Mr. Goutam Kumar Ghorai

Laboratory Assistant

# Name
1 Md Mehbub Alam